Comic 414 - XXX Minimum

2nd Mar 2011, 6:58 PM
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XXX Minimum
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2nd Mar 2011, 7:19 PM
Autobiographical comics like this are so interesting and thought provoking.
2nd Mar 2011, 7:48 PM
Toothpaste in a sex shop? I'll have to remember that.
2nd Mar 2011, 9:34 PM
I have the opposite problem, I go to the grocery store to get my anal beads. They don't really have much of a selection.
2nd Mar 2011, 9:45 PM
"Yeah, I'll also get new car insurance, that French dresser and 2 pounds of plutonium please."
2nd Mar 2011, 9:53 PM
I laughed aloud at this one. Poor Hank. xD
What in the blue hell is toothpaste doing in
there in the first place? lol

Also machinehead's comment made it even better, bhahah
3rd Mar 2011, 6:01 AM
What can I say, this place sells lots of stuff in tubes, why not toothpaste. Besides, after using most of their products, you need to brush your mouth thoroughly!
5th Mar 2011, 7:49 PM
Wow the size of the beads! Hope that they sell more than toothpaste in tubes in that store.
6th Mar 2011, 12:56 PM
they have erotic toothpaste, its allso a good lube
10th Mar 2011, 9:26 PM
Haha, that would suck if you had your wife looking at you through the XXX store window
20th Mar 2011, 10:25 PM
juice of mango
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